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seven days


Off-brand Power Rangers from Makeruna! Makendo 2, which I wrote all about yesterday.


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…are we going somewhere?? *looks up tiredly and smiles*

Yes…I wanted to surprise you~! *smiles brightly* there’s a firework festival going on at the weekend and I thought it would be nice to go..so I thought we could spend the night in a nice hotel together too, if you’d like to? *smiles and kisses your forehead gently*

kyan-yutaka asked: *brushes your face gently with his fingers and sleepily kisses you* I love you Babyface...

I love you too, mochibutt…it’s Friday tomorrow, finally! Pack an overnight bag, okay~? *grins and nuzzles his face into your cheek* I love you so much…*returns your kiss gently and lets his lips linger on yours*


i’m such an asshole but i’m also a very kind-hearted person who likes making ppl happy and if i love u i will love u with all my heart and all my soul but then i’m also such an asshole

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Aaaaaand Pose!

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ARTIST: Shinedown


Shinedown - .45

This is one of my all time favorite songs.

I wish I could upload the acoustic version I have but I don’t feel like converting it to an mp3. But that version is so raw. This whole song is raw power and its just ughhhh its just amazing

kyan-yutaka replied to your post: kyan-yutaka replied to your post: kyan…

Yes…yes that I do. *grins* enough to force you into bed with me when you return home♡

Fufufu I love you too~! You wouldn’t be forcing me, trust me there is no place I’d rather be right now! *grabs your wrist and runs to the bedroom, pulling you closely behind*



How are you today? (^-^)

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You’re an asshole sometimes

but you loooove meeee~

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)ちゅー


Final Fantasy VII, PS1.
Hey look, “Texas” exists in some form in the world of FFVII.